More About Packaging & Labeling Branding Changes

Life Science Packaging & Labeling Branding Change

These changes include the rebranding of all of our products, and you will see changes to the following packaging and label materials:

  • Shipping boxes
  • Product and kit boxes
  • Labels on devices, bottles, product and shipping boxes
  • Packaging materials (such as branded bottles, films, bags, packing tape and drums)
  • Branding of product documentation (such as certificates of quality and analysis, handling instructions, MSDS, specification sheets and user guides)
  • Branded instruments and molded devices
  • Adding 2D Data Matrix Global Standards One (GS1) barcodes to most of our labels.
  • Enhancing the sustainability characteristics of our packaging.
  • Adding a new security feature to our labels to ensure the authenticity of our products.
  • These enhancements do not include a change of primary packaging materials of construction.
  • Nothing about the functionality or characteristics of our products, or how they are ordered, will change.
  • Additionally, all legal entities remain the same, and there are no changes to the invoicing process.